Be part of a like-minded Jikiden Reiki Community in the UK   

Membership to the Jikiden Reiki UK Association is open to anyone who has completed a certified Jikiden Reiki training course with an authorised Jikiden Reiki teacher. Membership is open to those who simply wish to practice Reiki for themselves and on friends and family, as well as professional practitioners and teachers. If you have not yet attended a Jikiden Reiki training course, find out more here.


Benefits of JRUKA membership   

  • Regular member webinars, with national and international speakers  

    (access valuable information on a range of topics to help you develop your study of Reiki)  

  • Access to our full webinar library on a range of Reiki-related topics

    (even more useful information on interesting topics to help you develop your Reiki or cpd)  

  • Receive the exclusive JRUKA digital magazine.  

    (full of useful articles, experiences and information on Reiki and Japanese culture)  

  • Attend in-person national JRUKA member only events.  

    (including Reiju meetings and workshops - additional fees may apply)  

  • JRUKA members get free access to our Original Reiki music tracks (Royalty free!)

    Great to use for yourself whilst practicing Reiki as well as public or professional use

  • Opportunity to join a member project, such as the enkaku group (distance Reiki)  

    (help your practice and confidence with enkaku (distance) Reiki)  

Plus - should you work with the public now or in the future

(in voluntary or professional settings)

  • Access the JRUKA discounted Reiki insurance block scheme through Balens LTD

    (essential for practicing Reiki on the public in both voluntary and professional settings)   

  • List on the public JRUKA practitioner directory on our website  

    (increasing public awareness of your professional Reiki practice).

  • Access to practitioner resources  

    (professional templates and member discounts)   

  • Use of the JRUKA Practitioner quality mark logo  

    (increasing public perception of professionalism)  

  • Option to become a Verified Practitioner

    With our Professional Practitioner Programme (achieving the Reiki Council ‘Verified Practitioner’ award,
    gain JRUKA Verified practitioner status and the ability to become a registrant of the CNHC accredited 
    resister. Note: (additional fees apply).  

JRUKA membership   

£50 / yr

In addition, Jikiden Reiki teachers can...

  • List your Jikiden Reiki course dates on our public events page  

    (increasing public awareness and credibility)  

  • List on a separate national Jikiden Reiki teacher directory map

    (advertise as a teacher to both the public and the Jikiden Reiki student community)  

  • Use the JRUKA Teacher quality mark logo  

    (increasing public perception of professionalism)  

  • Become a teacher/assessor of the JRUKA Professional Practitioner Programme  

    (another way you can support your students and develop your professional practice)  

  • Get 50% off membership of the International Jikiden Reiki Association (IJRA)

    (gain the benefits of special teacher webinars and an international directory listing) 

JRUKA membership   

£50 / yr