Congratulations on completing your recent Jikiden Reiki training! We hope that you enjoyed your course. You have joined a growing number of Jikiden Reiki students in the UK.  

Having attended certified Jikiden Reiki training in the UK, you are now eligible to join the Jikiden Reiki UK Association (JRUKA). We are recognised by the Jikiden Reiki institute in Japan as the official organisation for students in the UK. Most countries don’t have a national Jikiden Reiki association to join so it is fortunate that you are living in the UK and have this opportunity.

The JRUKA is run as a not-for-profit membership organisation, primarily to support all students: those using Reiki for themselves and family as well as professional practitioners and teachers. In addition, we work to preserve and promote the original Reiki teachings and to represent Jikiden Reiki on a national level, for example, as a member organisation of the UK Reiki Council. The JRUKA is run by some of the Jikiden Reiki teachers promoting community and peer-support.

Why should I join JRUKA?

There are a wide range of benefits to membership, such as a special discounted Reiki insurance scheme (through Balens Ltd), in-person national Reiki events, regular online educational webinars, a Jikden Reiki magazine, even a professional practitioner accreditation programme, and of course, community and support. 

We would love you to join us. Details about these and other benefits of membership, and how to join, can be found HERE.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our events or webinars.

Best wishes,

The JRUKA committee 

Rika, Amanda, Jonathan and Shaun 


Click for the student guidelines HERE from the Jikiden Reiki Institute Japan.