Amanda Jayne

Riverside , England PL28 8BN, United Kingdom

Dai-Shihan (Senior Teacher)

Jikiden Reiki Training Courses: Shoden |Okuden | Shihankaku (Assistant Teacher)
Jikiden Reiki Treatments: In person physical and emotional treatments | Distant physical and emotional treatments

Amanda Jayne was lucky enough to live in Japan for 5 years, where she met and learned Jikiden Reiki from Chiyoko and Tadao Yamaguchi. During that time she helped edit the book, “The Hayashi Reiki Manual” by Tadao Yamaguchi and Frank Arjava Petter and contributed two short chapters to the book, “Light on the Origins of Reiki” by Tadao Yamaguchi. In 2006 she left Japan and began teaching around the world. Her treatment and teaching base is currently Cornwall, UK but she also teaches in Kent.

“There are many kinds of Reiki available today and what drew me to Jikiden Reiki was the feeling I had on meeting the teachers, the simplicity of the method – unchanged from the original method learned by Mrs Yamaguchi and her family, the quality of the theoretical concepts they were teaching and the experience they held in successfully treating people, year after year, using only Reiki.”

In 2017 Amanda edited the translation of Reiki and Japan: A Cultural View of Western and Japanese Reiki by Masaki Nishina. In 2021 she published the book Women in Reiki – Lifetimes dedicated to healing in 1930s Japan and today with fellow Daishihan Silke Kleemann.

Amanda is currently Vice-chair of the Jikiden Reiki UK Association