Emi Hayashi

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33b Beauchamp Place , London, England SW3 1NZ, United Kingdom


Reiki has its roots in Japanese culture and language. My understanding of authentic Reiki has been developed after taking the Jikiden Reiki seminars. Recognizing the human body as a self-organizing and healing system, energy naturally flows to where it is needed most in the moment. Changes unfold at your own pace. The approach I take is gentle.

Energetic, vibrational, and intuitive. I am lucky to have a grandmother who also was interested in energy healing. During sessions, I practice Jikiden Reiki, which has been observed to support clients with their wellbeing.

Sessions involve a combination of techniques, taught to promote emotional as well as support the body’s natural self-healing ability. with the practitioner’s hands going to the areas that require attention.

I’m thrilled to share my gift with everyone in the world. Let’s dive into Reiki!


Other therapies:

Rolfing® Structural Integration