Harumi Welford

Jikiden Reiki practitioner at SHI.ZEN HOLISTIC 
In person and distance Reiki, based in Hastings and London 
I have taken: Shoden (level1) and Okuden (level2) Reiki training
Growing up in Japan, my parents used to practice a form of energy healing on all their four children. During my childhood, I barely went to the doctor and my parents simply laid their hands on my tummy and forehead when I experienced pain or a fever. I thought everyone did energy healing as it was a part of my everyday life. Similarly, after raising two daughters and going through a few life changing events, I have reconnected with energy healing, Reiki.
In addition, I am also a Feng Shui consultant.
I am committed to improving people’s lives through my Reiki and Feng Shui services and I am very passionate about reaching as many people as possible so that I can support people’s wellbeing and happiness.