Konan Banks Nahaboo

Konan Banks Nahaboo Reiki Photo
Konan Banks Nahaboo Reiki Photo

Bendysh Road , Bushey, England , United Kingdom

Jikiden Reiki:

Konan is a level 2 practitioner located in Bushey Hertfordshire. An ex frontline Police Officer, Konan has now devoted his vocation to treating people on a physical and emotional level with the aim of improving his clients all round quality of life. As a level 2 practitioner of Jikiden Reiki, Konan is able to treat with a hands-on approach as well as using distance Reiki, using only Jikiden Traditional Usui Reiki free from any Western influences.

Other Therapies:
Konan is also a qualified Tui-Na Chinese Medical Massage practitioner providing treatments that include Traditional Fire Cupping, Moxa and Gua Sha

Konan is also currently a Student Osteopath.

Tui-Na Massage
Fire Cupping
Fitness oriented training

Opening Times:
Flexible with home visits available.