Jikiden Reiki® Institute Guidelines  For Students

updated Aug 2022

Below are key elements of the Jikiden Reiki Institute  2022 guidelines. The majority of the guidelines are for teachers, however, we have listed sections of the guidelines that might be relevant to students and practitioners below. 

  • Guidelines around not sharing Jikiden Reiki course content on zoom, social media, live or recorded sessions 

    Please do not: 

    • share Shirushi, Jumon or Kototama, presented in any way on the screen 
    • share any content of the textbook or other materials provided by the Institute including your Japanese certificate 
    • give Enkaku Reiki (distant Reiki) during an online connection. It is not necessary to be connected online to practice Enkaku Reiki and doing so may give people the wrong idea about what is needed to do this. If you use an online platform to communicate before and after the treatment that is acceptable, but please switch it off before starting the session 
  • Guidelines for any posts on social media or online 

    Please do not: 

    • post any photo of the Gokai scroll/frame/fan in full view 
    • post any photos from the class that reveal any seminar contents (e.g. anything written on the whiteboard, etc.) Group photos and photos of scenes from hands-on practice around the table, Reiki Mawashi or Reiki Okuri are acceptable, but photos taken during Seiheki treatment, Enkaku treatment practice, Kekko practice or Hatsurei ho are not permitted    

    (JRUKA note: although the above two points are more for teachers and not that relevant to students on a course, as you are not taking photos, it provides a guide to the level of respect held for the content of the courses).  

    • post images of your Japanese certificate unless you have blurred the image. English certificates can be shown as a proof of your practicing/teaching license, though we do not encourage this and ask that you to be mindful of publicising it too much.  

     (Note: the point about blurring a Japanese certificate is referring to when a practitioner might take a photo of a treatment room and their Japanese certificate is in the background. It might be best not to put a picture of your Japanese certificate online at all).  

  • Lineage 

    Students at practitioner level (shoden or okuden level) are not considered to belong to the teacher lineage yet, so they cannot use the lineage tree on their own website, flyer, etc. for the promotion of their activities.They can, however, say their teacher is (teachers name) whose lineage is x-y-z, but not show themselves in that lineage.

Jikiden Reiki Lineage
  • Guidelines around using the trademark Jikiden Reiki  

    Please bear the following in mind when making decisions involving the use of the JikidenReiki name and trademarked images. There may have been situations in which guidance has been different or inconsistent in the past, or that there was no obvious position regarding certain topics. Regardless of this, please adhere to the following rules going forward. For those who have been teaching or practicing for a while, please review your website and online presence to adjust or remove anything not aligned with these guidelines. We would appreciate it if you could update the contents of your website at your earliest convenience, thank you. 


    Guidelines around the use of Jikiden Reiki trademarks   


    (1) The term ‘Jikiden Reiki’ and the Jikiden Reiki vertical and horizontal kanji, along with the English images are all trademarks belonging to the Institute in Japan. 

    (2) Once you have taken Jikiden Reiki training and are offering ‘Jikiden Reiki treatments’, you can refer to them as Jikiden Reiki treatments. 

    (3) Once you have taken Jikiden Reiki training, you are qualified to call yourself a JikidenReiki practitioner 


    If you wish to use the words Jikiden Reiki in a business name, website domain name (URL), email address, or in your social media account names, the following must be adhered to. The general theme for the following guidelines is not to present yourself in a way that could be confused with the official Jikiden Reiki organisation, or as an official branch of it. Nor suggest that you are THE Jikiden Reiki teacher or practitioner in any given geographical location, such as a country, region or city. 

    (4) It is okay to use the term Jikiden Reiki if combined with your full name, for example, Jikiden Reiki with Sam Jones’.   

    (5) We ask you not to use Jikiden Reiki” + ‘Location’ (e.g. ‘Jikiden Reiki London’)   

    (6) If you wish to combine it with a location name, again, add your name. (e.g. JikidenReiki with Sam Jones London’)   

    (7) Do not use the term Jikiden Reiki with a word such as school, institute, academy, branch, association, or anything that could be construed as an official connection or a teaching centre which is a part of the Institute.   

    (8) We ask that the term Jikiden Reiki is not used with another word or phrase. However, some terms would, at this time be accepted, and we are aware in the past a variety of combinations have and are still being used. If you are unclear, contact the Institute through Ikuko Hirota at overseas@jikiden-reiki.com for more specific one-to-one guidance.   

    (9) If you use the word Jikiden Reiki in social media names and addresses, if it also has your name with it, such as facebook.com/JikidenReiki_with_James_Brooks, that’s okay.   

    (10) If you use the word Jikiden Reiki in your email address, if again, it has your name with it, such as JikidenreikiwithStephThomas@outlook.com, that is okay.   

    (11) If you use the term Jikiden Reiki in a heading or more than just body text, we would like you to use the registered trademark® at the end. 

    (12) Only teachers are permitted to use the trademarked Jikiden Reiki Japanese kanji horizontal or vertical images, or the English written Jikiden Reiki trademark image. Shoden or Okuden level practitioners are not allowed to use them.   

    (13) Please do not present yourself as an official branch of the Jikiden Reiki Institute.You can refer to yourself as a ‘certified’ Jikiden Reiki practitioner. 

    (14) If you promote different Reiki styles or other healing modalities along with your Jikiden Reiki activities, please have a separate website or separate page within your website (or other promotional materials) for Jikiden Reiki to avoid confusion. Please remember that you are not to teach Jikiden Reiki in a mixed form with other Reiki modalities. 

    (15) When using the hashtag Jikiden Reiki (#JikidenReiki etc.) please do not post contents containing information on other Reiki styles or other healing methods. Thisavoids confusion. 


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